According to the data of the European Patent Office, in terms of patent filing volumes, European companies remained in the first position, followed by Asian countries and applicants from the US. On the other hand, thenumber of applications from China increased by over 18.2%, from USA – by 6.8%, and from the European Union – by 1.2%.

Most patent applications have been submitted in the field of medical technologies, in spite of the fact that the TOP 10 companies that have submitted the most patent applications are best known in the field of information technologies, the sectors of biotechnology, electrical appliances and computer technologies are identified as the fastest-growing.

Protection was granted to 64,600 patents in the year 2014 and the ten companies that submitted the biggest number of patent applications were Samsung, Philips, Siemens, LG, Huawei, BASF, Qualcomm, Robert Bosch, Ericsson and Intel.

Throughout the Baltic States Lithuania submitted the biggest number of patent applications, that is 58, Estonia – 52, where Latvia – 27.

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