New rules of customs control measures for carrying out the enforcement of intellectual property rights have been adopted and are in force in Latvia as of 21 July 2015. These new regulations adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers were necessary for the implementation of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of 12 June 2013 (EU) No. 608/2013 concerning customs enforcement of intellectual property rights, and define the powers of the State Revenue Service, procedures for the storage of seized goods, amount of information to be included in the right-holder’s confirmation of IP right infringement (inclusive conditions and signs of infringement and value of the original goods), as well as the procedures for destruction of counterfeit goods.

Previously the Latvian Transit Business Association objected the adoption of the new regulations due to the fact that the implementation of EU Regulation No. 608/2013 in that particular way and the administrative procedure in the State Revenue Service would have a detrimental influence on the Latvian economy.

Intellectual property