The most famous Latvian sweets manufacturer “Laima” loses protection of its trademark in a neighbouring Lithuania

Vilnius Country Court adopted a decision in favour of a Russian sweets manufacturer „Krasny Oktyabr” and its trademark „Miška kosolapij“. It ruled to exclude Laima’s trademark „Lācītis ķepainītis“ (“Miška kosolapij” in Russian) from the Register of Trademarks of the Republic of Lithuania and to prohibit marketing of the sweets marked with this trademark in Lithuania. The sweets from both manufacturers feature a reproduction of Ivan Shishkin’s painting Morning in a pine forest on the packaging.

Laima has announced that it will not appeal the decision because this kind of candy, which is Top 10 in Latvia, is not being sold in Lithuania at the moment and will not be popularized there in nearest future, therefore Laima is not interested in court proceedings. In contrast, a Latvian court granted protection to this Laima’s trademark „Lācītis ķepainītis“ in Latvia and ruled to remove a confusingly similar trademark of „Krasny Oktyabr” from the Register of Trademarks of Latvia.

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