The Board of Appeal of the Latvian Patent Office has satisfied the opposition against a trademark “Viesnīca Roma” (“Hotel Roma” in English) that belongs to a new owner of one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Riga (once called “Hotel de Rome”). Unless appealed by the new owner of the Hotel, the decision will result in a removal of the trademark “Viesnīca Roma” from the Register of Trademarks of Latvia. The previous owner of the luxury Hotel, which still owns a figurative trademark “Hotel de Rome”, has submitted an opposition against the trademark “Viesnīca Roma”.

The Board of Appeal concluded that the trademarks “Viesnīca Roma” and “Hotel de Rome” were confusingly similar due to the fact that the first words “Viesnīca” and “Hotel” actually have the same meaning and are descriptive in regard to the services for which they had been registered, whereas the second word “Roma” and “de Rome” would be understood by every consumer as referring to the Italian capital – Rome.

In case of the decision of the Board of Appeal becoming final or the court upholding the arguments of the Board, a luxury Hotel in the heart of Riga will no longer bear the name of “Rome” that was in use since 1990’s.

Intellectual property