On 25 May 2016 the European Union Commission issued a Communication presenting a set of tools for improving e-commerce via the internet between Member States. In order to gain a legal force in 2017, the Communication has to be approved by the Council of European Union and the European Parliament.

What is the purpose of the Communication?

Commission seeks to remove the barriers that hinder the free movement of goods and services online and to avoid unjustified discrimination based on geographical location, therefore, the proposals set in the Communication are certainly important and useful for both consumers and businesses that are engaged in electronic goods and services trade activities.

What are the benefits of the Communication?

The removal of barriers should contribute to the creation and implementation of a digital single market, also to encourage the creation of cross-border e-commerce market in Europe. Also the Communication should help to ensure legal clarity and certainty for consumers and businesses in electronic commerce field.

What are the proposals of the European Commission?

Three main proposals are set in the Communication:

  1. A legislative proposal that prevents unjustified geographical blocking and other forms of discrimination based on nationality, place of residence or place of establishment;
  2. A legislative proposal regarding affordable, high-quality cross-border parcel delivery services;
  3. Strengthening the protection of consumers’ rights – a legislative procedure in order to adopt an act that would help to revise the cooperation in the consumer’s rights protection field.
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