New regulations of customs control measures

New rules of customs control measures for carrying out the enforcement of intellectual property rights have been adopted and are in force in Latvia as of […]

There is no space for another Hotel Roma in Latvia

The Board of Appeal of the Latvian Patent Office has satisfied the opposition against a trademark “Viesnīca Roma” (“Hotel Roma” in English) that belongs to a […]

The battle for “draugiem.lv”

A long-lasting battle for a well-known figurative trademark and domain in Latvia “draugiem.lv” (“for friends” in English), which is used by a popular Latvian social portal, […]

Trademark LOUIS XIII DE REMY MARTIN has good reputation in Latvia

The Board of Appeal of Latvian Patent office confirmed protection to a famous international trademark “LOUIS XIII DE REMY MARTIN”, which is registered for the territory […]

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia has approved the strategy of intellectual property rights protection and ensuring for 2015-2020

Strategy for 2015-2020 intends to solve imperfections and inaccuracies in national legislative acts for better Intellectual property rights protection and management, to educate society and business […]

“Squirrel decision” taken by the Board of Appeal of the Latvian Patent Office

By its decision the Board of Appeal of the Latvian Patent office granted protection to a famous Latvian trademark “VĀVĒRĪTE” (meaning “squirrel” in the Latvian language), […]

Changing the intellectual property courts

In connection to the revision of the Latvian court system, amendments to the Civil Procedure Law and laws governing Intellectual Property are to be adopted by […]

The Dutch company “Inter IKEA Systems B.V.” was awarded for non-pecuniary damage

The Court of Appeal satisfied the Dutch company’s “Inter IKEA Systems B.V.” claim against Latvian company SIA “I-Home” and prohibited SIA “I-Home” from using the World’s […]